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Trucker calls in stolen rig clinging to the back

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This video is actually not as impressive as the story behind it.  By the time airborne photographers arrived, the semi tractor involved had been slowed by spikes on the highway laid down by police.

At a truck stop near I-75 south of Atlanta, a driver noticed someone making off with his tractor (which is what the machine is called that pulls the trailer). Instead of calling it in  right away, he scrambled on board, apparently forgetting that he was not in a Hollywood chase movie. For whatever reason, he had to scramble onto the back of the rig and hang on.

From there, he called police on his cell phone.

The chase proceeded on side roads and eventually onto the interstate ... for 70 miles.

Eventually, police laid down star spikes, blowing out the tractor's tires and which slowing the pursuit considerably. The driver was able to jump off.

In the video, you will also see surveillance video of the drive rushing out of the truck stop convenience store when he sees his truck leaving without him.


Ramp from I-196 to College Avenue to Close

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The first massively disruptive change in the replacement of the COLLEGE AVE bridge over I-196 takes place Wednesday, April 29.

According to MDOT, the ramp from EASTBOUND I-196 to COLLEGE AVE will close at 10 a.m. Wednesday and will remain closed until October 2.

DETOUR: Exit at OTTAWA AVE and goe east on MICHIGAN ST or exit at FULLER AVE and go west on MICHIGAN ST to get to COLLEGE AVE.

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Traffic Video: Semi blown over on highway

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For the past couple of weeks, I have been learning our new web design and how it works.

I hope you like the new look of our blogs. They are a lot easier to work with at my end.

And so ... we bring you more vehicular mayhem.

This video was released only yesterday, and it has been shown on local and national newscasts everywhere, including on today's FOX 17 Morning News.

On a highway last December in Nevada, a state highway patrolman happened to be following a semi when strong gusts of wind blow the semi over. The driver was unhurt, but the incident produced a classic dash-cam video:


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Construction Update 4/23/09

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US-131 logo 100x80.jpgUS-131 - On SOUTHBOUND US-131, the left lane will be closed from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. from 10 MILE RD to POST DR through Saturday (4/25).

I-196 -- EASTBOUND, the right lane will be closed from before US-131 to past COIT AVE for bridge work through Saturday, May 2. To avoid backups, exit early at M-11 REMEMBRANCE RD or at WALKER AVE, go to LEONARD ST, continue east to PLAINFIELD AVE, then north to return to I-96. It's a lot of lights, but on a bad day, it will save time. Check FOX 17 Morning News before leaving the house, or follow us on Twitter.

I-196 -- EASTBOUND I-196 is reduced to one lane from before 44TH ST to past 28TH ST until the end of the project in November. To avoid backups, take M-6 EASTBOUND to US-131.

The entrance ramp from EASTBOUND 44TH ST to EASTBOUND I-196 is closed until the end of the project. For access to EASTBOUND I-196, continue east on 44TH ST to WILSON AVE, then north on WILSON AVE to the I-196 entrance ramp at 28TH ST.

The entrance ramp from EASTBOUND CHICAGO DRIVE to EASTBOUND I-196 is closed until the end of the project. For access to EASTBOUND I-196, continue east on CHICAGO DR to WILSON AVE, then north of WILSON AVE to the I-196 entrance ramp at 28TH ST.

I-96 logo 100x100.jpgI-96 - From before US-131 to after the COIT AVE bridge, there is one lane EASTBOUND until Saturday, May 2. Approaching US-131, stay in the right lane, as the left lane is closed early in the construction zone, and then traffic is shifted so that the right lane is closed. This may change without notice at any time.

I-96 - From before the COIT AVE bridge to after US-131, the right lane WESTBOUND will be closed from 8 p.m. Friday (4/24) until 6 a.m. Monday (4/27) for prep work. Then, the right lane WESTBOUND will be closed overnight from Monday through Friday (4/27-5/1). Eventually, the lane closure will affect traffic around the clock, probably after May 2.

I-94 logo 100x100.jpgI-94 -- I-94 is reduced to one lane EASTBOUND and WESTBOUND at night at the RIVERSIDE DR overpass, about a half mile west of exit 98 I-194. Bridge replacement.

M-104 100x100.jpgM-104 -- Major resurfacing continues on M-104 from BUCHANAN ST to 144TH AVE through early July. Most work will be overnight, but be prepared for narrow lanes during the day. The intersection of M-104 and 144TH AVE will under major reconstruction.

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Flat Stanley visits Fox 17 Traffic

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Elementary school children all over the U.S. read the Flat Stanley books. And it is common for them to make their own Flat Stanleys and send them around the world to be photographed in different locales.

Grand Rapids was honored to be visited by FS on April 8, 2009.

Our Flat Stanley arrived from Indiana, and since he came to the auto state, he got some Michigan wheels to take back to Indiana.

Here is a video record of his visit.

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