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Video: Train soaks bystanders

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Vanity Shots 2/22/10

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We're #77! We're #77! As a traffic chant, it's good for commuters

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I-96 Traffic backup WB 500x.jpg

One of our sources for traffic information, INRIX, ranks the Grand Rapids metropolitan area #77 for bad traffic in the nation.

We're right behind Chattanooga.

Worst is Los Angeles (big surprise), and Detroit is 19th. And I love the fact that we have, by INRIX criteria, one percent of the congestion that LA has.

This may be one list that residents would not mind dropping farther in national rankings.

We're #77!

Take a look.

Vanity Shots 2/15/10

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How to avoid getting your driveway blocked by a snow plow

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This week, my driveway was blocked by a high ridge of snow by a city plow. I was grateful for the cleared street. Not so much for the blocking ridge.

A snow plow driver once gave me the best way to minimize the blocking ridge problem. He said, clear the street next to your driveway to catch the snow from the blade.

Courtesy of our pals in Minnesota, here's how:


Weekend lane closure on I-196 ...

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MDOT says crews will be doing some work on Saturday:

The right lane will be closed both EASTBOUND and WESTBOUND between COLLEGE AVE and FULLER AVE Saturday 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Expect slowdowns, depending on traffic volumes.

Video: Car in canal, close call with a train ...

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The "foam van" explained ...

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Winter Storm Traffic: The Day After

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Tuesday's winter storm really took its toll.

I-94 was closed at a couple of spots in Tuesday morning and again later in the day. The eastern part of the state saw some fatalities. One Michigan State Police trooper was slightly injured when his cruiser was hit by a car that went out of control on an I-94 ramp in the Battle Creek area.

Wednesday started with EASTBOUND I-94 closed at the PAW PAW EXIT when three semis jack-knifed around 2 a.m. One tractor-trailer tipped over, and it took hours to remove its load of lemons to be able to right it.

Shortly after 7:30 a.m., WESTBOUND I-94 was reduced to one lane at SPRINKLE RD due to a crash. That problem was cleared about an hour later.

Then after 8 a.m., one lane of both directions of I-94 were closed just west of I-69, creating backups.

Slide-offs and spinouts were widespread in West Michigan on the freeways and two-lane blacktops. Trouble areas included US-131 between Martin and Plainwell, I-96 in Ionia County, and I-196 between Zeeland and Hudsonville.

(Photo by FOX 17 Photographer Brian Farber)


Winter storm traffic: I-94 closures, widespread crashes

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There's not enough snow on the roads to cause drivers to slow down on their own. Hence:

I-94 EASTBOUND CLOSED: The freeway was closed shortly after 10 a.m., four jack-knifed semis plus one car stuck underneath, shut down the highway. All lanes were reopened around 11:40 a.m.

Another jack-knifed semi at Mile Marker 87. All lanes were opened around 11:40 a.m.

Slide-offs and crashes too numerous to mention.

The most Prius complaints are not about brakes

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Vanity Shots - 2.8.10

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Video Lesson: Don't drive over the mattress in the road

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This problem could have been avoided, you know.


Snow vehicle ca. 1924

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What did this never become the snow vehicle of choice?

(From Seeking Michigan)


Vanity Shots - 2/1/10

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Bonus Video: Russian Snow Car

Monday Update: 2/1/10

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February! The Month of Lost Hope!*

Here's the update for today:

Westbound lane will be closed through Feb 12 for utility work. I don't think Michigan St has has two lanes open in both directions between College Ave and Monroe Ave in a couple of years. There's always somethin'.

I-196 Westbound Ramp to M-11/28TH ST:
The ramp will be closed for 20 minutes for repair, 10 a.m. to 10:20 a.m.

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