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Vanity Shots - 9.29.10

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Vanity Shots - 09.27.10

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VIDEO: The Mysterious Bullet Car

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I have seen this odd vehicle several times on the northeast side of Grand Rapids the past few years, and I finally caught it on video through my dirty windshield last week in the rain.

I remember bullet cars like this used as promotional vehicles for Coors Light (hence the name I give it, "bullet car").

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Vanity Shots - 9.22.10

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Vanity Shots - 9.20.10

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Hearse Procession Seeks World Record

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You expect traffic to stop for a funeral procession led by a hearse..

But do you expect every vehicle in a procession to be a hearse?!?

It will happen Saturday, September 18, when the Just Hears'n Around hearse club based in Hell, Michigan, tries for a new world record: largest number of hearses.

Sounds like a fun group.


I don't know why they are doing it now instead of waiting a month to catch the Halloween wave, but, whatever.

These vehicles are on their web site.

View imageHearse with fins.jpgHearse Pumpkin Embalmer.jpegHearse processionHearse paint job

Vanity Shots - 9.15.10

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Vanity Shots - 9.13.10

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An Increasingly Rare Scene

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Do you think there are fewer accidents on West Michigan's highways?

This kind of scene is becoming more rare:

US-131 crash 09-10-10.jpg
This crash was this morning (9.10.10).

There are several contributing factors:

  • Less traffic. Unemployment has decreased the number of people going to and from work.
  • Smarter cars. Safety elements built into cars help avoid accidents. You may have heard that passenger vehicles are "more forgiving," which means the technology helps drives be dumb or careless and not suffer the consequences.
  • Better highways. You won't convince anyone living in Michigan, but it's true. I have watched highways in the region be rebuilt, and the better pavement, wider shoulders, better guardrails and barriers, even curves with less curve ... all mean fewer crashes.

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Vanity Shots - 9.10.10

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VIDEO: Motorcycle Near Miss

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Here's the latest in an odd little online trend: motorcyclists taking video of their rides. In this one, the video picks up a close call for a rider ahead.

This trend hasn't been picked up by American riders, as far as I can tell. But some of the stuff from countries where they don't speak English are pretty hairy.

Of course, if they were ordinary, no one would bother posting them.

Motorcycle Near Miss - Watch more Funny Videos
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Vanity Shots - 9.8.10

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Fix on I-196

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Street Closure

LAFAYETTE ST closed under I-196
Tuesday (9.7) 1 p.m. through Wednesday (9.7) 5 a.m.
Logo FIX 75x75.jpg

The Fix on I-196 has moved to Phase Two:

  • The ramp from US-131 SOUTHBOUND to I-196 EASTBOUND, closed until November 1
    • Detour: Exit at PEARL ST or MARKET AVE for access to downtown Grand Rapids
  • The ramp from I-196 EASTBOUND to COLLEGE AVE must be replaced. That ramp will close, so anyone aiming to get to Spectrum Butterworth or GRCC must exit at OTTAWA AVE
  • The ramp from I-196 WESTBOUND to OTTAWA AVE is closed until November 14. Exit early at COLLEGE AVE.
  • The ramp from IONIA AVE to I-196 EASTBOUND is closed.
  • The ramp from IONIA AVE to I-196 WESTBOUND is closed.
  • The ramp from US-131 NORTHBOUND to I-196 EASTBOUND, previously closed for four months, is now open.
  • Construction zone speed limits to apply
    • 45 mph when workers are present, which will be almost all the time, including weekends
    • 55 mph when no one is around (the 60 mph limit won't apply, because the speed limit on this stretch of freeway has always been 55)
  • Weave/Merge lanes must still be constructed. MDOT has not said there will be lane closures, but I believe they will be unavoidable at times, which will mean just ONE lane at times.
  • Bridges must be completed.

Vanity Shots - 9.3.10

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Vanity Shots - 9.1.10

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