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Vanity Shots: By The Numbers

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GR Safe Ride logoYears ago, a non-profit program was instituted in the Grand Rapids area that helped provide taxi rides on New Year's Eve for people who, through smashed, had the sense to realize they were in no shape to drive. The program provided free taxi rides home.

This was back in the early 90s. Fast forward to today.

Some entrepreneurs have come up with a service that will not only get you home safely, but your car, too. Called GR Safe Ride, the sales pitch is basically this: if no one wants to be your designated driver, call us and save the possible $8,000 fine for driving drunk!

The implied message is "Go ahead, get wasted! We'll get you home."

I'm sure the GR Safe Ride people would deny this. But excessive drinking has become more and more socially acceptable. In fact, the presence on the market of drinks like Four Loko (now banned in Michigan) that combine alcohol and caffeine so one can guzzle alcohol and stay awake inspired one ER doctor to remark that people are on "an intoxication quest."

Do you think that services like GR Safe Ride, while helping keep drunk drivers off the road are also promoting excessive drinking?

Drink and drive responsibly?


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Vanity Shots: What's On Your Bumper? - 11.22.10

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Dignitaries have a sense of humor in Grand Rapids

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It was refreshing to read on the Grand Rapids Press web site that a stunt by a member of the Free Beer and Hot Wings crew made dignitaries amused instead of indignant at the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the official finish of the Fix on I-196.

The report by Kyla King said that while MDOT officials and city leaders gathered on the Coit Avenue bridge to commemorate the official finish of the project, Producer Joe (Joe Gassman) from WGRD's morning show walked up to the ribbon that stretched across Coit Avenue, cut the ribbon, proclaimed the freeway to be open, and dashed down the street.

Instead of taking umbrage, the gathered officials laughed it off while MDOT taped up the ribbon and moved on.

Producer Joe cuts the ribbon


Our FOX 17 photographer caught the moment:


Vanity Shots: Back To College - 11.19.10

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Vanity Shots: Girl Power - 11.17.10

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Video: Interview with CEO of Fiat North America

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Vanity Shots: FOX 17 Staff - 11.15.10

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Vanity Shots: Into Hockey - 11.10.10

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Vanity Shots: From the Viewers - 11.8.10

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Vanity Shots: Inscrutible - 11.5.10

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Vanity Shots: In Service - 11.4.10

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Vanity Shots: Guest Shooter - 11.1.10

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