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Vote On What Ford's Electric Focus Should Sound Like

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Ford will shortly introduce the 2012 electric Focus, and Ford wants it to make noise.

Not just noise in sales, but real noise.

When I recently did a test drive of the Chevrolet Volt, Steve Scott of Midway Chevrolet was able to park the car behind me without my knowledge, it was that quiet.

According to this article from Reuters, Ford is choosing to give its electric vehicles a distinctive sound. And we are asked to vote.

The sounds are not radically different. One sounds like a gasoline car; the others have Jetsons overtones.

One problem: Ford ways they want our "feedback," but they don't say how to get feedback to them. Maybe we should use their Facebook page.


2012 Ford Focus Electric Vehicle Test Sound A

2012 Ford Focus Electric Vehicle Test Sound B

2012 Ford Focus Electric Vehicle Test Sound C

2012 Ford Focus Electric Vehicle Test Sound D

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Leaf vs. Volt: Leaf Is Winning

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I would not have predicted this.

In the battle of the electric cars, the Nissan Leaf is outselling the Chevy Volt.

David Shepardson, in his Detroit News automotive blog, reports that total sales of the Leaf through June 30 were 3,875 to the Volt's 2,745. In May, the Leaf outsold the Volt 1,708 to 561.

Considering the Leaf has about an 80-mile range on its batteries and the Volt, with a gas generator, has a range of more than 300 miles, I though the American Volt would easily outsell the Japanese Leaf.

Sheparson does not speculate on the reason the Leaf overtook the Volt.


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