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Cool Story About Michigan Trooper Struck By Car During Traffic Stop

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Spencer MSP trooper

Last week, Michigan State Trooper was hurt when he was hit by a vehicle during a traffic stop on I-96 in Ingham County.

First good news, he's out of the hospital.

Second good news, he has an autographed baseball sent to him by someone he stopped for speeding earlier in the day.

Read the story on the MSP Facebook page.

Can't They Just Get It Done?

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Snip Forest Hills Ave.JPGWhen I read comments online, a common sentiment I see is, to paraphrase, "Why don't they just (fill in the blank)."

The implication is that things are being done in a far more complicated way than necessary.

Take roads.

Why don't they just fix our roads? Why does government spend so much money?

Want to see why?

Look at the plans for the "simple" project of rebuilding Forest Hills Avenue north of Burton Street. Shouldn't be so complicated, right?


Page after page of engineering drawings that show how much planning and calculating that needs to be done before machine bites into old pavement.

Not so simple.

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I Hate It When That Happens ...

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Driving US-131 northbound from I-196 to I-96 on Sunday, I saw an MDOT sign that said there would be lane closures beginning 9/12.

This morning, I have looked everywhere, and I can't find notice from MDOT that says anything about lane closures on that section of US-131.

This means I have to go through an entire morning commute with no information about this thing.

I will be getting in touch with MDOT as early as I can, but that means office hours.

I apologize in advance.

Drag Race: Semi vs. Ferrari

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The scene: a drag strip in Sweden.

The competitors: A custom Volvo tractor hybrid dubbed Mean Green. And a Ferrari.

Who wins?

Ideal Points At Traffic Lights

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Traffic LightWhat is the word or phrase for that perfect spot from which, when you are approaching a traffic light, you are assured that you can make it through the light before it turns red?

That question came up today, but not from anyone I know, who watches my traffic reports, or even knows I exist.

I listen to a podcast called "A Way With Words." It's a public radio show that answers people's questions about words, slang, colloquial expressions, and all sorts of things grammatical. Today, I listened to a mini-podcast that dealt with the traffic light question.

Now, we're not talking about early in the traffic control system's cycle when the "Walk/Don't Walk" sign is still green. We're talking about the final moments in the cycle where the light is about to change to yellow.

To see how it went, listen.

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