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Detours For Fulton Street Closure

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Only one block of Fulton Street is closed in the first phase of the so-called Fulton Street Fix, the five-phase project in downtown Grand Rapids that will disrupt traffic around Van Andel Arena and surrounding restaurants and night spots.

But there are four detours recommended, depending on your direction of travel.

Below are four maps displaying those detours. Note that the "northbound" detour map is incorrect. (I hope to get it corrected next week, but I'm heading into my weekend; let me rest). On that map, the detour line follows Wealthy Street. It should follow Oakes Street, but, you know what? It doesn't matter. Taking Wealthy Street east to Division Avenue will do the same thing.

The city says pedestrians will have complete access through the closure area, important for people who drink and dine at the B.O.B. and head for the Arena, or vice versa.

Eastbound Detour


Westbound Detour


Northbound Detour


Southbound Detour


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Fulton Street Closure: It's Thursday

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On Wednesday, I talked to the company that will be doing the work on the first phase of the Fulton Street project in downtown Grand Rapids.

This project ause lane closures and complete closures between now and June.

The man I talked to said the closure will not happen until Thursday (Feb. 23).

This is different from all the information you have heard, read, and seen until now. The city's own web site says the closure happens Wednesday (Feb. 22). The programmable sign parked on Fulton Street says "Wed 2/22."

My contact said the 23rd has been the start date all along. In addition, the closure time is posted as 9 a.m., but he told me barriers probably will not go up until the middle of the day.

I'm just sayin'.

MDOT Snowplow Video: What To Know In the Snow

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Read that headline.

Sounds like it was written by whoever came up with "Snowplows Need Room To Groom!" and "Give 'Em a Brake."

Nah. I wrote it.

To the point: the Michigan Department of Transportation has posted a YouTube video on snowplow safety. 

Maybe, someday, we'll get enough snow to use the information.

Fulton Street Closure Coming Thursday

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A months-long project on Fulton Street begins in downtown Grand Rapids Thursday.

A one-block section of the major artery will be closed until March 15. The closure is the initial step in the reconstruction of Fulton Street between the intersection with Market Avenue/Monroe Avenue and Division Avenue.

Fulton Street will be open in front of Van Andel Arena during this phase of the work.

Barriers will be up on Fulton Street between Market Avenue and Ottawa Avenue, and through traffic will not be allowed where Fulton Street meets Monroe Avenue and Market Avenue. However, southbound traffic on Monroe Avenue will be allowed to turn right (west) on Fulton Street. No turns will be allowed from northbound Market Avenue.

Detours for through traffic:
    • Southbound: At Fulton Street, west on Fulton Street (right turn), south on Mt. Vernon Avenue, south on Watson Street (left turn), south on Front Street (right turn), east on Wealthy Street (left turn) to Market Avenue.
    • Northbound: East (right turn) on Oakes Street, north (left turn) on Division Avenue to Fulton Street.

Phase 2 of the project will require the closing of the intersection of Fulton Street and Ottawa Avenue for two weeks. Then Fulton Street will be reduced to one lane in both directions to May 4. From May 12 to May 30, Fulton Street will be closed between the Grand River to Ottawa Avenue. Finally, from June 4 to June 23, Fulton Street will be closed between Ottawa Avenue and Division Avenue.

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3-Car Crash Backs Up US-131

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A three-vehicle crash around 7:00 a.m. caused a 45-minute backup on northbound US-131 Tuesday morning.

Getting a crash on that stretch of US-131 in 45 minutes is quite an accomplishment, but traffic backed up past 28th Street until the crash scene was cleared around 7:45 a.m. 

The jam at 28th Street loosened up not long afterward.

02-14-12 Jam us-131 nb Hall.jpg

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Shettler Road Re-opened

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Last Friday, MDOT sent out an email that said Shettler Road over US-31 has been re-opened.

The bridge over US-31 had been closed to allow crews to replace a guardrail.

Though the initial closure notice said the bridge could been closed as long as 10 days, the project took less than a week.

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