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Traditional Suspension Of Road Projects Planned This Weekend

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Holiday weekend means higher speeds allowed through projects.

The Michigan Department of Transportation will once again suspend all road construction work over the Memorial Day Weekend.

While many lane closures will remain in effect, higher speed limits within construction zones will apply, because no work crews will be present. Speeds of up to 60 mph are permitted when work zones are inactive, while drivers must observe the 45 mph speed limit when workers are present.

MDOT is lifting restrictions on 94 of the 132 projects in place statewide from Friday at 3 p.m. until 6 a.m. Tuesday.

In West Michigan and Southwest Michigan, these closures and lane restrictions will remain in effect:

Grand Rapids
  • Ramps to and from northbound US-131 at Franklin Street closed. Franklin Street closed over US-131.

  • M-21 one lane open eastbound and westbound over the Grand River.

Howard City
  • US-131 traffic shift northbound and southbound between Cannonsvile Road and the eastbond M-46/Howard City Edmore Road exit. 
  • One lane northbound, two lanes southbound. 
  • Ramps to and from southbound US-131 at M-82 closed.
  • On ramp from M-46 to southbound US-131 closed.

  • Lane closures on M-43 remain in place.

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The Cheapest Cars To Operate

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How much does it cost to operate your vehicle?

Start a list: Original cost, financing payments, gas, insurance, repairs, upkeep, and *gulp* depreciation.

These are the factors the Kelly Blue Book people took into account to create their list of subcompact cars with the lowest five-year operating cost.

Here's the list from FOX 17 Morning News: 


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