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Vanity Shots: The whole car

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Today's Vanity Shots on FOX 17 Morning News was a trio of what might be considered summer cars: all three were sporty convertibles. (Thanks to Jan Lastocy for the Spyder.)

But the effect was lost by only displaying the license plates as we normally do on the Vanity Shots segment. So ...

Here are the three plates ....

Vanity Shots 06-29-12

And here are the three cars ....


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Will The Double Lane Closure Be Back?

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When the Michigan Department of Transportation began the bridge rehab project on US-131 south of Wealthy Street, it was said that double lane closures could be expected nights and weekends throughout the project.

But last week, MDOT said night and weekend double lane closures would be suspended through June 30.

There is nothing on MDOT's online schedule that says the double lane closures are back for this weekend.

However, I think they will return.*

Last night, the double lane closures were back after MDOT sent out an email notice Wednesday afternoon.

By the way, the schedule for the project has the single lane closure during daylight hours to shift from the left lane to the center lane on Monday, July 7. That is a very unusual move. I expect some drivers to be confused when this pops up, so expect more frequent backups southbound just after Leonard Street and northbound just after Burton Street.

  • *UPDATE:
MDOT released a notice Thursday morning that moved up the center lane closure to Friday night (6/29) and reinstates the double lane closures for weekends and weeknights Friday night. 


Heading To Chicago? Double Lane Closures

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Anyone who drives to and from Chicago from West Michigan is familiar with the stretch of I-94 in the St. Joseph/Benton Harbor area. A lot of lanes and a favorite location for jack-knifed semis.

Count in some nighttime double lane closures.

The bridge that carries M-63 over I-94 is being replaced, and two lanes will be closed there in both directions in I-94 through July 20. Though notices from the Michigan Department of Transportation don't mention double lane closures on the weekend, I consider them a possibility during the project.


I-94 St Joe.JPG

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