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Win A Tour Of The Mackinac Bridge

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Bridge WalkThis Labor Day, I'll be checking an item off my bucket list.

I'll be participating in the 55th Annual Labor Day Mackinac Bridge Walk. It's something I have wanted to do since moving to Michigan back in the 80's. I have roped my family into coming along, though the camping trip includes the promise of a day on Mackinac Island.

If you have walked the bridge in the past, there is now an MDOT contest where you can win a tour of the Mighty Mac. And that means seeing the bridge from the top down: a trip to the top of one of the towers.

Go to MDOT's Facebook page and post your favorite memories of walking the bridge. The winner will be chosen as random from everyone who posts. The person who posts a story about traveling the farthest to walk the bridge will get some Pure Michigan swag.

If I dared to dream big, I would put a tour of the bridge on my bucket list. I haven't walked the bridge yet, so I can't enter. Should I dare to dream?

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Gas Hits $4

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GasBuddy app screen shotGas station owners seem to have resisted the $4 per gallon barrier on regular unleaded since gas prices jumped over that level back in 2008.

It took Isaac to force their hand.

Regular unleaded was $4.00 a gallon at one station in Grand Rapids Tuesday morning. According to my GasBuddy app, it was the first station in all of the Grand Rapids-Holland-Kalamazoo-Battle Creek area to make the leap.

In an email this morning, Patrick DeHaan of GasBuddy blamed tropical storm Isaac and "murky regional refining issues" for a jump of 35 cents per gallon in the wholesale price of gasoline on Monday. Understandably, oil platforms in the Gulf of Mexico have gone offline as the storm got near.

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Gas Prices Popping Back Up

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The guys at The Gas Game and GasBuddy are predicting gas prices to shoot back up to around $3.89 today.

Gas pumpPrices have been slipping from the recent high of $3.99

Sure enough, the Speedway station on Leonard Street at Ball Avenue in Grand Rapids was just spotted at $3.95. Speedway stations are characteristically the leaders when prices fluctuate.

Gas can still be gotten for as low as $3.65 in Grand Rapids, $3.67 in Kalamazoo, $3.62 in Holland, and $3.72 in Battle Creek.

That's as of this posting and according to my GasBuddy app.

What Do You Think Of The New Pure Michigan Plates?

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I like one of the two new license plates unveiled today by Michigan Secretary of State Ruth Johnson.

You may feel different.

Both plates are "Pure Michigan" plates. One is a simple blue-on-white, with the Pure Michigan logo at the top and a wave-like swirl at the bottom. To me, it's a bit generic.

The big news: this will be Michigan's new standard plate beginning in 2013.

The other one may generate much stronger responses from people, for and against. Picturing the Mackinac Bridge in front of a sunset, I think people might be put off by the colors. The lake water is a kind of turqoise, and it clashes a bit with the oranges of the sunset.

At least it stands out.

I think I like it.

The white letters and numbers might be hard to read, especially at night.

What do you think?  Tell me.

The new plates with the bridge won't be available to order until 2013.

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