September Saturdays (fill in the blank with an S-word of your choosing)

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Anyone who's been at a college football game this month knows this already...

Saturdays so far in September have been the coolest days of the month.

On the 4th, the high in Grand Rapids was 62°.  The best Saturday has been the 18th, at 66°.  But the coolest two days of September so far have both been Saturdays -- 59° on the 11th and 60° on the 25th (today).

All told, the average high on Saturdays has been 61.8°.

Take out Saturdays and average every other day of the month, and the average high jumps to 74.6°!

I like sweatshirt weather as much as anyone else, but one nice Saturday to get in a last round of golf wouldn't be a bad thing.

Unfortunately, it looks like things will be cooling down again next weekend!

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